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How much can it tell us? Photography is the art of frozen time … Your small and pleasant imprint from the past. There is nothing more precious than our emotions and memories, warm and unforgettable moments that will pass in the next second, but not in the photo. Photography will help capture important and exciting moments forever. Save emotions and feelings within the frame. And a professional photographer will transfer your emotional feelings into the frame, which will carry its meaning through the centuries.

We all love «live», emotional photographs so much, and here we cannot do without a professional photo session. After all, only a photographer who knows his business can convey a wave of feelings and a story about a snapshot.

While «photography» exists, the services of a photographer are in demand. Despite the fact that now many people buy expensive professional cameras; having a professional camera and being a professional photographer are very different concepts. Therefore, in order to obtain high-quality professional photos, you need to contact a professional photographer.


Are you young and beautiful but already tired of endless selfies? Want better photos? Professional photography in Poltava is the best opportunity to capture your appearance for a long time.

To become the owner of high-quality, professional photos, it is enough to find a good photographer who can capture (save) the best moments, which will later decorate the family album.

One of the most popular are children’s photographs, because our idea of our early childhood is formed precisely from photographs. And what can please more than vivid reminders of childhood.

A professional photo session – is not an easy task. But a proper specialist knows how to create a truly masterpiece picture, which will convey not only mood, but also create positive emotions.

Every detail counts. The harmony of the background, composition, lighting, and even an unusual vision of the photographer will contribute to the creation of a masterpiece.

Life is hasty and will fly by very quickly, but we change every second, and we will never be the same as now. Boring, everyday amateur shots will not surprise anyone. But professional staff will help to decorate your album.

As a professional photographer in Poltava, Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine, I will help you capture the most important events in your life! Or maybe you have a wedding, birthday or discharge from the hospital, or maybe another quivering event, the emotions of which must be saddened for more than one year?

“Your emotions will live forever”, Sergey Lukash