Roma and Anya
Mikhail and Julia
свадьба молодые в саду яблок
Sasha and Evgeniya
молодожены на природе
Vadim and Valeria
свадебная пара на проселочной дороге
Vitalik and Tanya
Vlad and Anya
молодожены в лесу верхолы
Victor and Lena
Невероятно романтическая пара
Ruslan and Kremena
молодая пара на свадебной прогулке в замке свадебное фото Сергей Лукаш
Maxim and Yana


Wedding day is one of the most significant holidays in everyone’s life. On this day, families not only gather, but also create a new one. At such a moment, you want to remember every moment and that is why you need a professional wedding photographer. The purpose of his work is to capture the most important moments, capture emotions and create a story.


Today, everyone has their own gadget, which can be used to «take a picture» of the couple, and is it worth then spending money on a professional wedding photo session? Your guests came to your wedding to walk and relax. For them, selfies are just a memory for themselves, an opportunity to post an event on social networks. Taking a photo on the phone, your guests do not think about poses, composition, framing and so on. As a result, not the best photobook will come out of such photos. Also, do not forget that all the guests are also not averse to being present at your wedding photos. A wedding photographer is a person who will follow you and catch your every move.


Well, first, check out the portfolio. Do not forget to negotiate with the photographer in advance, because often, when choosing a photographer for a wedding in Poltava and Kharkov, people contact too late and the date they are interested in is already taken.

Meet the photographer. Tell him about your wishes, wedding nuances, surprises. Make a «list of required photos» for him.

My site will help you view examples of other wedding photo shoots, as well as order a photo shoot, calculate the cost or contact me in any way convenient for you.

I work in all cities of Ukraine. If you need a wedding photographer in Kharkov, Poltava, Kiev, Odessa, Dnipro, Lvov and other cities – please contact.

It is also possible to travel abroad.

Let’s create your story together.